The II International Conference STOCKinRUSSIA’10 "Stock photography in Russia" took place in Moscow during October 9-10th and opened its doors both for stock contributors and consumers of stock content. As the organizers of the Conference had promised, STOCKinRUSSIA’10 turned out to be more scale and interesting in comparison with the previous year.


An exceptional event for Russia took place at Holiday Inn Moscow Sokolniki hotel, covered two full days and pleased all the attendees with a large amount of different info – starting with a detailed analysis of the situation at stock photo market, finishing with a quantity of applied recommendations and advices.

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Altogether around 250 people took part in the II International Conference, which was organized as a year before by the team of PressFoto stock agency. Attendees and speakers had come not only from all parts of Russian Federation, but also from the Ukraine, Belorussia, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Australia and USA. As a year before, "Digital Photo" magazine became the general media-partner of the Conference, and their colleagues from "PhotoMasterskaya" magazine took part as the official media-partner. This year a partnership support to the conference was given by NBZ group of companies (authorized Apple reseller) and Wacom Russian representative office. Both companies had provided computers, monitors and graphic pads for master-classes and gifts for the lottery among participants of the Conference. Such services as and gave a great support in terms of publishing various materials.

First session Participants make a notes NBZ Computers's display Elnur Amikishiyev

Lee Torrens, the founder and the author of one of most informative internet resources about stock photography Microstock Diaries, was the first to make a presentation and take numerous questions from the audience regarding the situation at stock market. During his presentation “Trends, Threats and Success in Microstock” Lee Torrens had covered all the latest trends and issues in microstock and the wider stock photo industry (including distribution, disintermediation, exclusivity and survival of a little guy) and had promised a number of serious changes at stock market during the next year. According to Lee Torrens, the market will see an uprise in the quality of stock content, thus forcing out amateurs and individualists progressively. The same progressively awaits local stock agencies, which will be able only to survive in comparison with large companies.

Lee Torrens's presentation Lee Toorens answeres the questions

Especially from the United States of America had come famous professional stock photographer Jonathan Ross, one of the top twenty highest paid photographers in the world of stock according to Getty Images, working successfully both at Micro and Macro. During the first day of the Conference Jonathan Ross (together with his charming producer, professional photographer Laura Marchbanks) caused joy to all the attendees with his panel “How to produce a maximum amount of stock photographs during one shooting day”, which was devoted to all the nuances of their team work. Jonathan Ross had spoken in details on how to create a shot list and how to get the most out of the shooting day by pre planning and scouting your location. Jonathan had demonstrated a typical shot list that was followed by photos from a shoot using such a technique. In conclusion, he wished best of luck to everyone, also predicting serious changes at stock market in the nearest future.

Jonathan Ross's presentation Jonathan Ross and Laura Marchbanks

A number of other intriguing things were discussed during the first day of the Conference STOCKinRUSSIA’10. As a year before, all the attendees were glad to see the presentation of highly productive stock photographer Elnur Amikishiyev (Baku, Azerbaijan), whose main labour activity is not connected with photography by the way.

Elnur Amikishiyev Conversation between Michael Lavrenov and Alexey Sizov

During his panel "Every stocker's 10 best friends: a list of purely known programs and instruments for effective work in stock industry" Elnur had demonstrated a number of interesting, rarely used instruments, which nevertheless could speed up or essentially simplify the work with stock photographs.

Jonathan Ross communicates with the participants during the coffe-break Participants Lee Toorens answeres the questions during the coffee-break PressFoto's pop up

These three speeches were followed by two discussion tables. The first one - "Stock content sales: looking for growing opportunities" – was held with participation of Fotolia (presented by Lyubov Tsepkova, Director of Strategy, Russian region) and Image Source (presented by Lewis Blackwell, Director of Strategy for IS).

Participants of the discussion table 'Stock content sales: looking for growing opportunities' Lewis Blackwell(Image Source) è Lubov Tsepkova(Fotolia) Questions and answers session Participants

Hot disputes were aroused by the theme of the second discussion table "Stock photographers and consumers of stock content: face to face". Tough questions from the audience were adressed to the chiefs of photo departments of the largest Russian publishing houses and media holdings: Valeriy Dzyaloshinskiy ("Burda" publishing house), Elena Mirskaya ("Independent Media Sanoma Magazines (IMSM)" publishing house), Elena Sivolap ("Bauer Media" publishing house), Alexander Sidorov ("Expert" Media Holding) and Anna Pavelieva ("AFS" Publishing House). All the experts had admitted consumering stock content for their professional needs: some publishing houses and media holdings use just a very small volume of stock imagery due to the specific character of their editions, some companies consume a significant amount of stock content that had doubled during the last year. At the same time, all the experts made several remarks of material significance, which came mainly to the critical lack of imagery, reflecting Russian reality at all its demonstrations, and to the low quality of stock content in general.

Participants of the discussion table 'Stock photographers and consumers of stock content: face to face' Alexander Sidorov Questions and answers session Elena Sivolap answeres the questions

The first day of the event was finished by the evening cocktail. During it a number of gifts from the partners of the Conference were raffled among the participants, including several editions of new photographer’s guide "Photo studios of Moscow 2010" (given by "Art up" publishing house), a license software PaintShop Photo (from COREL), tripods JOBY Gorillapod, Lowepro gear and graphic pad BAMBOO (from WACOM company).

The raffle The raffle Participants Valeriy Dzyaloshinskiy during the coffe-break

The second day of the Conference STOCKinRUSSIA’10 was opened by the informative master-class of Jonathan Ross. Together with his producer Laura Marchbanks they had demonstrated their astonishing skills and techniques of effective shooting based on a shot list; had shown a great deal of lighting schemes, how they make things moving and cooperate with a model. During and after the master-class Jonathan Ross and Laura Marchbanks had patiently answered all the numerous questions from the audience.

Jonathan Ross's master-class Jonathan Ross and Laura Marchbanks during the master-class Jonathan Ross makes a shot Laura Marchbanks during the master-class

Jonathan Ross was followed by Alexey Sizov, art-director of PressFoto production studio. During his master-class "The secrets of PressFoto’s photo kitchen: how to create an outstanding stock content practically from a scratch", Alexey Sizov had demonstrated the total cycle of creation of variously themed commercially successful stock photographs made in a studio with one model using minimal resources (starting with make-up and finishing with a slide show of selects ready for uploading).

Alexey Sizov's master-class Konstantin Igoshev(PressFoto) tells about retouching

Judging by the interested faces of the attendees and their hands that were making notes right along, no one was left indifferent to the things said and shown during two days of the Conference. In particular, everybody was glad to have an opportunity of informal communication with old acquaintances, guests and speakers of the event. Important thing is, that all the communication was done face to face and at most cases individually. For those who does not speak English good enough, simultaneous translation was organized during the panels and master-classes.

Once again we’d like to thank kindly all the participants and partners of the II International Conference!



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Lee Torrens - the founder and the author of one of the most informative internet resources about stock photography Microstock Diaries (Australia)
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Jonathan RossFamous professional stock photographer, presenter of master-classes and conferences (USA)
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Alexey SizovPressFoto production studio, art-director (Russia)
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Elnur Amikishiye is one of the most productive stock artists in the world.
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