International Conference STOCKinRUSSIA'09 "Stock Photography in Russia: How to Make More Money in Your Favorite Business" took place on the October the 2nd in Moscow city in the Congress center of the hotel Holiday Inn Lesnaya.

Зал Конференции STOCKinRUSSIA'09

Organizational Committee: Stock Photography Bank PressFototm and STRATUM Corporation.

General Media Partner: The Magazine "Digital Photo"
Official Media Partner: The Magazine "PhotoMasterskaya"

There were more than 200 attendees, including 141 stock photographer, 7 illustrators, 13 representatives of stock photography agencies, 1 designer, 6 representatives of core mass media for photographers, members of organizational committee and the Conference Partners.

Attendees comes from all the parts of Russian Federation (there were people from the following cities: Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Samara, Ufa, Novosibirsk, Orel, Bryansk, Volgograd, Voronezh, Krasnodar, Yoshkar-Ola and other cities), Ukraine, Belorussia, and Azerbaijan. The representative of international stock photo agency Fotolia Benoit Caire to attend the Conference specially came for a few days from Paris.

The main subject of the Conference was how stock photographer can raise his revenue at the dynamic and highly competitive market of Internet photography.

In the first session in the center of attention there were three speeches. The owner of PressFoto Dmitriy Shironosov on behalf of the team of stock photography agency Shutterstock presented their answers to the questions that Shutterstock had been asked in advance. The questions were about activities of Shutterstock and prospects for the market development in general.

Irina Terentyeva, the owner and CEO of photography bank Lori, presented her bright and emotional speech in which she told what is Russian stock photography market today, who are the local customers, what are their needs, she also uncovered several features of Russian demand. It was an interesting fact that according to Lori experience, in contrast to the Western market, in Russia private lifestyle, Russian cities, and editorial images are in constant demand.

The third speech was delivered by C.O.O. PressFoto Pavel Orekhov, who professionally destroyed the stereotypes of local market, such as "There is no money on the Russian market", "There is no customers in Russia who agree to pay for on-line imagery", "There is no need in branding for Russian stock artists and agencies", "Sharing of artist's knowledge and skills is a way of losing his unique competitive advantage" and others. Pavel also described several exact methods and instruments to increase stock artists' revenue.

In the second session there was a panel with the participation of management of stock agencies and major customers. The subject of panel was "Selling Photos On-line. In Search of Growth". In the panel Words of representatives of publishing houses (Boris Muradov, Editor in Chief of "Digital Photo" Magazine and Valeriy Dzyaloshinskiy, Chief of the photo department of the Publishing House Burda) were interesting for all the attendees. They told about how they search and choose images and what images do their publishing houses need. Particularly they told that nowadays they prefer micro to macro imagery because of reduction of costs and the volume of images they buy at microstock can reach several thousands per month, for instance in Burda Publishing House.

A lot of questions were addressed to Benoit Caire, Director of International Marketing and Business Development, Fotolia. Benoit Caire at the Conference took place of Oleg Tscheltzoff (CEO of Fotolia) who had a flue in a couple of days before the event. The questions were about service, peculiarities of search engine, contributor relations, new projects and other aspects of Fotolia business. For instance, it was good sign for participants that Benoit promised to pay attention to the possibility for contributors to receive their income from Fotolia via Payoneer Mastercard service, special for Russian artists. Also he said that from the start of financial recession the revenue of Fotolia had not decreased but increased more than 30%.

Irina Lubimova, Executive Director of "PHOTOBANK-images library" (exclusive representative of GettyImages) shared her ideas with the audience. Pavel Losevsky, one of the most profitable Russian stock photographers also participated in the panel and answered some hot questions.

After the break Elnur Amikishiev, well known in the Russian stock community photographer from Baku city took his place on a rostrum. He delivered his master-class "Shooting for stocks: how to be effective" in a very lucid and friendly manner. For the beginning Elnur demonstrated how he usually executes high-quality isolation of objects in Photoshop during 2,5 – 3 minutes. Then he in detail told about all the stages of his production process, showed his organization of file structure, his archives and his statistics, and also shared his 10 the most important advices for selling photos on-line and tons of small professional tips and tricks. Elnur was speaking almost two hours but his speech was easy to understand, very informative, exact and open, so the audience rose in applause.

Elnur Amikishiev is delivering his master-class. Fragment:

At the last session Evgeniy Uvarov (the teacher of photography and advertisement in the College of film, television and multimedia at The All-Russian State University of Cinematography) spoke to the attendees. He replaced the master-class of Dmitriy Schvetsov, who suddenly had fallen sick in one day before the Conference. Evgeniy shared his thoughts about what is professionalism in photography and how a professional photographer should think. Also he showed successful and not successful images at the market from his point of view and told what to do to shoot only qualitative successful stock images.

After the informative part of the Conference all the attendees could enjoy some drinks, informal communication and prizes from the Partners of the Conference — The Digital Photo Magazine, The Magazine PhotoMasterskaya and "Libroff" — photobook production company. There were many words of gratitude addressed to all the people and companies, who had taken part in the organization of the Conference STOCKinRUSSIA'09. And the new Conference STOCKinRUSSIA'10 was announced to be held in October 2010 in Moscow city.

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Thank you very much for organization such a useful event. Positiveness and informal style was the feature of this Conference. I liked very much the speeches of Pavel Orekhov (PressFoto) and ...

Galina, Moscow

Thank you for the fantastic event. It's a pity that the program of the Conference was changed a little bit, but it's not the organizational committee's fault. In general, I liked everything very much...

Alexey, Bryansk

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