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Simon Krzic, Slovenia

Simon Krzic is an independent videographer/photographer from Slovenia, who has been producing stock material as his full time passion since 2005. Simon's main focus is to refine and perfect his proven approach to the production of stock footage. His portfolio includes themes from everyday lifestyle, business concepts, wildlife, world-wide travel footage and mostly human emotions. With more than 14.000 active video files in his iStock portfolio, his work is likely to appear in almost any content search initiated at iStock. www.simonkr.com

According the Conference agenda

October, 1st
15:00 – 19:30 Workshop
Creating your stock footage portfolio 

We will go step by step into the depth of producing video for your stock footage portfolio. We will explore specifics of preproduction, shooting and post production, which are in many ways unique to this business. This workshop is suitable for enthusiasts, who are just starting their portfolios or for pros that are looking for some ways to improve their existing workflows.

  1. Defining stock footage and its users 
    1. Filling the gaps in end client’s production
    2. Content guidelines 
    3. Technical requirments 
    4. Equipment for making quality stock portfolio 
  2. Essentials in preproduction 
    1. Defining your goal and strategy to achieve it 
    2. What to shot (brainstorming, research) 
    3. How to process your ideas (from an idea to the script) 
    4. How to find locations and appropriate talent 
    5. Location design (indoors vs. outdoors), styling, props, make up
    6. Releases 
  3. Specifics of the stock video shoot 
    1. Stock photo vs. stock video shoot 
    2. How big should a crew be? 
    3. Benefits of a 4 day shoot on one location vs. 4 times 1 day shoot on 4 locations 
    4. Directing an unexperienced talent

Part II

  1. Post production
    1. How to edit footage for stock (technical and content guidelines)
    2. How much color correction to be applied for stock use
    3. Logos and rotoscoping
    4. Noise check
    5. Exporting and archiving, backups
  2. Final submission to your online stock portfolio
    1. Format
    2. Uploading vs. sending harddrives
    3. Benefits of pre-keywording
    4. Applying metadata online
    5. Ways of promoting your work (banners, lightboxes, showreels, social media)
  3. Aftermath and strategy
    1. RPS (revenue per shoot)
    2. Exclusivity vs. Non-exclusivity
    3. RM vs. RF
    4. 3D update
  4. Q&A

While stock photography has long ago taken place as a phenomenon around the world, stock video (video clips or video footages around 5-30 seconds long) has appeared rather recently (2006-2007) and is only starting to expand its influence and profitability at stock market. Potential of modern video equipment and its relative availability give a number of people a chance to make a try in this field. Though achieving really good results and finding your own niche at the market could turn out to be a hard task without constant education, perfection of your techniques, keeping up on all recent trends and exchanging experience with professionals.

This workshop will bring the stock footage production closer to each individual. It will help beginners to understand the process a bit better and make them easier to start. It will help pros to get ideas to improve their workflow. Simon have just practice and will talk from his own experience.

He'll guide the audience through each step including pre-production, shooting and post-production and try to answer as many questions as possible. So he believes the audience might get a lot of inside view to stock footage production.



Early on, he submitted stills and footage to most of the major microstock websites, but in June 2007 he signed exclusivity with Istockvideo for the RF footage program and was soon invited to contribute to Getty Images as well (RM, RR footage).

The folks at iStock refer to Simon as "the most prolific videographer on the planet". He had a presentation in Dublin at CEPIC last year. 

Microstock portfolio


Signs of Success

Simon and his team won the Stocky Award for the funniest clip last year at iStock.



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Corel Corporation will provide prizes for STOCKinRUSSIA 2011 attendees
September 12, 2011

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