Natalia Macheda Natalia Macheda, Italia

The author of popular «Microstock for Dummies» blog with original and translated articles about microstocks and theory of photography, and video tutorials on Photoshop. She is also the author of subscription newsletter on the same topic, which is being delivered by subscribe.ru, content.ru, maillist.ru, smartresponder.ru – the total number of subscribers is more than 6000 people.

According the Conference agenda

September, 30th
11:30 – 13:00 Report
Everything you ever wanted to know to get started on microstocks: 

  1. What are microstocks? History, major players, license, trends;
  2. Requirements for microstoker (equipment, payment systems, skills and abilities);
  3. Requirements for microstock images (quality, format, subjects, keywords);
  4. Quick start at microstocks; 
  5. Dilemmas (people or things, exclusivity or non-exclusivity, quantity or quality); 
  6. Main mistakes of beginners; 
  7. Searching your photos in consumers' final products; 
  8. Referral programs and promotion of your portfolio. 

The report is intended mainly for photographers, who have just begun their microstock career or are only planning to become microstock contributors. This report is a theoretical footing for a practical cooperation with microstock agencies. Its innovation element lies in a detailed description of a microstock bestseller's anatomy. In order to fix the material the audience will be given a practical task.

As a result, the audience could learn and understand the following from the report:

  1. Basic level of microstock terminology;
  2. Step-by-step mechanism of contributing to microstock agencies at conceptual level (without precise shooting and retouching techniques);
  3. List of mistakes to be avoided:
    1. technical shooting and retouching;
    2. mistakes in cooperation with microstock agencies;
  4. Components of microstock bestseller. Microstock bestseller vs photo masterpiece;
  5. The importance of referral programs as a component of microstock income.


Exclusively for STOCKinRUSSIA 2011 International Conference, Natalia Makeda within her topic will speak about the components of microstock bestsellers. A number of bestselling imagery will be viewed and analyzed as an example. All the announced information has been given previously only to 25 people in the context of 90 minutes webinar.



  • Mathematician-System Programmer, Department of Applied Mathematics and Informatics, Belarusian State University.
  • Postgraduate studies at the University of Trento, Italy.

Natalia teaches in the field of information systems and computer security more than 5 years. Natalia's research interests are business processes, web services, algorithms, data management, security for the semi-structured data.

Natalia Macheda cooperates with microstocks for over 4 years, at the same time working on her full time research in the field of business processes and web services. She is the author of the course for non-professional microstock photographers – five video lessons with a total duration of about 2 hours. She has created a unique in-depth training that has helped more than 100 people to start in microstock business. She is a successfully consultant for a microstock portfolio and microstock exams.

Blog «Microstocks for Dummies»: microstocker.blogspot.com

The mini-course for non-professional microstock photographers: microstocktraining.blogspot.com

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Corel Corporation will provide prizes for STOCKinRUSSIA 2011 attendees
September 12, 2011

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