Роберт Дэвис

Robert Davies, UK

Stock photographer and illustrator. His sites picNiche.com and picWorkflow.com focus on analysis of microstock market trends in supply/demand and on managing and improving the process of selling images through microstock. www.picNiche.comwww.picWorkflow.com

«Welcome fellow microstockers to the Third International Conference: STOCKinRUSSIA.

I'm Bob Davies of picNiche.com/picWorkflow.com (and many others), and will be presenting on how the microstock marketplace has matured, the movements and changes; past, present and future in the best content to shoot (or illustrate) for maximum sales potential and growth. I'll be taking a look at how common stock photo themes have changed, and what the up and coming demands from stock photo buyers will be over the next couple of years. This is the first time I'll be presenting on all the data gathered over the last 2-3 years by several tools and websites for microstock contributors and buyers, and look forward to sharing the valuable insights with everyone at STOCKinRUSSIA.»

 According the Conference agenda

September, 30th
11:30 – 13:00 Report
Identifying Microstock Trends and Maximising Earning Potential in a Mature Marketplace

  1. Supply vs. demand for stock photography subjects/topics
  2. Subjects/topics to target to increase sales volume in microstock
  3. How the most common topics have developed over the last few years
  4. Identifying your own topics and research techniques in stock photography
  5. How image-buyers search and an overview of buyer-types
  6. Views on increasing profitability (in microstock) for stock photographers
  7. Avenues to further distribute market your microstock portfolios 

The microstock market has come a long way since it was feasible to simply upload mediocre images and expect them to sell. In a mature marketplace, the big producers and a small group of microstock photographers earn 80% of the market’s value mostly due to the quality of images they’re producing and their favourable search positioning. The average microstocker is still creating simple images in subjects/topics which are already well oversupplied and so will never see the same returns as the biggest producers. The picNiche presentation will focus on learning how to research and identify topics which present opportunity, and will take a look at tips/techniques to increase profitability of your portfolio through other means. 

You will form a broader understanding of some of the business and technology areas of the photography industry (particularly within microstock), and learn how to apply that knowledge to your shoot-planning and photo business to increase the value of your portfolio to the mature marketplace.


The founder of picNiche.com, has been offering research tools and browser toolbars to help both stock photographers and image buyers for 3 years. He is a stock photographer and illustrator (mainly for microstock) with a modest portfolio of around 2000 images across 10 agencies. He is an experienced software engineer and workflow specialist.

picNiche has developed extensively over the last few years to include toolbars and addons, workflow tools for microstock photographers and several services for image-buyers. To get a full view of how the site works, and how to get the most from it, and to see other tools within the picNiche toolset, check out the picNiche Blog at http://blog.picniche.com.  

You can also view tips for using picNiche, Robert’s philosophy, and read interviews with many microstock agency heads on their uses of technology here.




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Corel Corporation will provide prizes for STOCKinRUSSIA 2011 attendees
September 12, 2011

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