Andres Rodriguez Andres Rodriguez, UK

One of the most successful world microstock photographers. He is a 29 year-old Colombian graduate in Multimedia Design and also in product and furniture design. Currently his portfolio consists of 32000 photos on a wide range of subjects. He mostly specialises in business concept but his portfolio also includes lifestyle, portraiture, fashion, landscape, animals, sports, 2D and 3D Illustrations, still life etc. www.andresr.com

According the Conference agenda

September, 30th
14:00 – 15:30 Report
My 7 year journey in microstock 

Andres Rodriguez will share his experience in the industry from the beginning until now. Past, present and future of microstock including all the ups and down in the industry, turning points, evolution, adaptation, growth, competition, niche, and how to stand out in a tough market.


October, 1st
10:00 – 14:00 Workshop
Making the most with limited resources 

Learn tips and tricks on producing top quality images in studio from concept through to retouching, keywording and submitting.


Andres was born in 1977 in Bogotá, Colombia, son of a fine artist and furniture business owner. His interest in photography started at 14 when he purchased his first camera. At the age 18, he moved to England to study at Oxford.


  • Art & Design Foundation Diploma in Wimbledon, London
  • Furniture and Product design degree in High Wycome, Buckinghamshire
  • Multimedia Technology BS Hons Degree in Greenwich, London where he got a 1st Class Hons Degree.

He started his career as a website and graphic designer, which contributes to his understanding of what designers look for in stock photography. It led him to microstock. His microstock career started in December 2004 while still designing websites. He continued doing both until going full-time in May 2006, and then quickly rose to the top of the contributor rankings. Andres' team consists on 8 employees in total, 4 working in Colombia and 4 in the UK.

Andres has a portfolio of over 32,000 images and sells more than 600,000 licenses per year. Andres Rodriguez is London based photographer specialising in shooting lifestyle. Andres' productions occur mostly in Colombia where he focuses on shooting multi-ethnic groups. Meticulously researching his shoots has helped him become one of the world's top selling microstock photographers. He finds his photos in use in books, brochures, online and on billboards all over the world and his clients include Dell, Yahoo, HP, Microsoft, IBM, Forbes, National Geographic among others. Recently Andres has decided to focus on «traditional» licensing models to sell his images.

Now resides in London, the UK. Single. Shoots with Canon.

Known For 

  • Large portfolios of great commercial photographs
  • Meticulously researching his shoots
  • Distinctive style and consistent quality

Microstock Portfolios

iStockphoto, Shutterstock , Dreamstime, Fotolia StockXpert , BigStockPhoto, 123rf, Crestock

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